Empty Line Remover

Enter the text you want to remove the empty lines from, and click the button.

What exactly is an Empty Line Remover?

The Empty Line Remover is a highly handy and free web tool that eliminates line breaks from the text lines while preserving paragraph breaks. We have the option of deleting all line breaks while keeping the paragraph breaks also. This tool is very useful if you have received any form of text via email or copied text from other PDF files including word wrap and line breaks at the end of lines. This tool also eliminates empty lines, double spaces, and spaces at the start of paragraphs, among other things. This tool is doing a marvellous job by saving hours of manual effort.

How does this tool work?

Simply copy and paste the input data into the text box area to eliminate empty lines from your input text. After inserting, click the "REMOVE" button below, and the tool will remove the text area's line breaks automatically. If you are not satisfied with the results or need t o check the new text input, click the "RESET" button. For using this tool you need not be a technical expert, anybody can use this tool quite easily as it is that simple.

Advantages of Using an Empty Line Remover

This tool is basic, easy to use, and absolutely free. Within a few seconds, this text tool will automatically update your text input by eliminating empty spaces. This application saves you a lot of time as manually checking the text wastes your valuable time. The key feature of this tool is that it has no advertisements, pop-ups, and stupidity, or rubbish, simply an empty line field.