Empty Line Remover

Enter the text you want to remove the empty lines from, and click the button.

What is Empty Line Remover?

Empty line remover is very useful and free online tool which removes the line breaks from the block of texts but preserves the paragraph breaks. If you have received any type of text from the email or copy text from other PDF files with word wrap and line breaks at the end of each line this tool is pretty handy. This tool also has useful functions like that it also removes empty lines, double spaces, and spaces at the beginning of the paragraph.

How Empty Line Remover works?

To remove empty lines from your input text, just copy and paste the input data into the text box area. After pasting, click the "REMOVE" button below the text area field and the tool will automatically remove the line breaks of your text area. For the new text input to be checked, then click the "RESET" button near to "REMOVE" button. The important thing is that even the person who cannot have enough knowledge can use this tool as this tool is very simple and easy.

Benefits of Empty Line Remover

This tool is easy, simple and free of cost. This text tool will automatically clean up your text input by removing empty spaces within a few seconds. This tool saves your lot of time because to check the text manually waste your very precious time in the busy world. The main thing about this tool that it contains no ads, pop-ups, nonsense or garbage, just an empty line field only.