Case Converter

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Online Case converter is online tool allows you to change any text from UPPERCASE to lowercase, lowercase to UPPERCASE or capitalise the words in the sentence with just a single click. This tool is very helpful to change any letter whenever it is needed. We all make mistakes when we are typing from the keyboard. It always happens that we write the lowercase letter instead of uppercase and vice versa and it is very difficult to delete the whole article or manually make the changes. So, here Case Converter will help you to change letter into uppercase; lowercase or any case that you want. This software is specially designed to adjust the capitalisation of the whole text. In documents, every first letter of the sentence should be capital or all needed words should be in caps. So, this tool is especially for you.

How to use this tool?

Enter the text into the text area and click on the text case you want to change. If by mistake you write whole content into caps lock then there is no need to worry or to delete it, you just need case converter tool to transform your text into the right style. this case converter tool can convert to lowercase, uppercase, alternative case, capitalise case and also in sentence case. UPPERCASE converts the text into capital letters, lower case button converts text into lower case letter, sentence case convert text where the first letter of every sentence is capitalised. Capitalised case converts the first letter of every word into uppercase. There is no limit on the input characters. you can convert as much as text you want to convert. To use this tool you just need to copy the text and paste into the text area and then select from the available six option in which case you wants to change your text and click on " convert" button. Your specified text will be converted. you can now copy it and paste into your document.

Why SEO Professionals Should use it?

This quick and web-based online tool is very beneficial when you accidentally left the caps lock button or you forgot to capitalise the text and write half of the content in UPPERCASE. in that case, you cannot change the content manually as well as cannot delete the content. so Case converter is the solution for this, it is specifically designed to make our life easier. It also removes unwanted formatting from the text and converts the text the way you want it in your document. This tool is totally free and there is no need to download any software to use this tool. This tool converts the text into more readable manner or makes it easier to use for various documents and programs. In our online case converter there is an option of download text, click on " download text" and your capitalised text will be downloaded in the word file. Just click on " copy to clipboard your text will be copied from the area. This tool saves your time and makes your docs, article and content impressive.